One Day Rides in Lima

In our One Day Rides Trips in Lima, you will get only the taste, just a little bite of the unforgettable experience of riding a Mountain bike in the huge Andes mountain range, so we are pretty sure that after the first taste of this riding you will be back for one of our multi days trips in Lima, Cusco, and all the Peruvian territory.

You can choose to ride one of the epic and longest downhills of the planet (more than 10,000 feet of vertical descent, 56 kms. of singletrack, from the top of the Andes to the seas of the ocean pacific. Pure Joy!!

1.- Pachacamac (All Mtn./DH.)

We will pick you up at 8:30 am. to go 20 km. south from Lima to the Pachacamac Valley. We will ride from Cardal ruins until Pueblo Viejo "the Old Village", an ancient site. Then we will go uphill to the Chirimoyo (650 masl). Afterwards, we will start a technical descent single track. In Pachacamac we can find many lines and singletracks and many different terrains so you can plan your ride and extended it the long as you want.

2. – Marcahuasi (All Mtn./DH.)

We will pick you up at 7am to go up hills to reach Marcahuasi (3,800 masl) as part of the acclimatization for our chief goal, the ancient ways of Cuzco.

Marcahausi is a very mystic stone Forest and charged with great energy. This place is considered like a sacred place where Chamans honour the mother earth (Pachamamma). The long descent is very technical due its exposed narrow single-track. Here the landscapes are spectaculars.

3.- Santo Domingo de los Olleros (All Mtn.)

We will pick you up at 7:00 am for our next destiny, Santo Domingo de los Olleros, at 3500 masl. Approximately at 10:00 am we will be ready to start this epic trail that will take us right the Pacific Ocean shores, riding about 56 kms of pure single track, passing thru some lost villages and crossing unique lunar landscapes like "el Huayco" a dry river bed perfect for rolling fast.

4 –Quipan (All Mtn.)

We will pick you up at 7am to go up hills to Quipan (3800 masl) located in the valley of Canta. The down hill from Quipan will take us around 5 hours of exigent riding through paths used for religious rituals by local people. Ending this unique experience at Macas village we will take the shuttle to return to your hotel.

This full day ride it is about 40 kms long

5.- City Ride Tours

Lima Center
Starting from your hotel or Miraflores Boulevard we will go to the colonial Lima (only on Sundays) until we reach Lima's downtown Main Square. On the way back we will finish the tour riding by Miraflores Boulevard.

Miraflores Sea side
The harbor route takes us to the road down to the beaches getting to Chorrillos on the road to Barranco district.

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